Rubama N., DO

Family Practice
Providence Milwaukie Hospital

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I didn't have cause to see Dr. Nasir more than a few times, but each visit was a very positive experience: though I am sure she is very busy with many patients, She is entirely receptive and empathetic. Dr. Nasir listened to what I was telling her, and made suggestions as to various approaches to care without assuming that she knew more about me or my situation than I did. Communicating with caregivers who have preconceptions about what is needed, when there has not been enough contact to really know a patient, is extremely frustrating. I felt none of that with Dr. Nasir- she trusted that I had a good sense of what was in my best interest and supported my decisions about my care. I believe she is soon to complete her residency, but were this not this case I would absolutely want to maintain a long term relationship with her as a caregiver.

- Jacob

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